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Kravchuk Y.B.

It is known that any business does not exist on its own, and operates in the socio-economic environment (economic field). In our opinion, this field is the region because it is the regional features - territorial, resource, political, social, economic, and other order - determine the direction of economic activity of enterprises and act as constraints. Character limitations on the one hand, depends on the specific interests of economic activities of the region, as well as the conditions in which they interact deployed and on the other hand, affects the specificity of this interaction.
The main driving forces behind the development of the employment potential of the region is isolated:
• the interests of the actors (individuals, businesses, governments of the region) as motivation, causing the need for conscious participation in the process;
• limitations as a factor of uncertainty, leading to a conflict in selecting solutions and causing a need to improve the behavior of the subjects in this process [1].
At the heart of the employment potential of the region at different levels of its manifestation is investing, persistence and accumulation which provides the economic basis of this development. The paradox is that the investment, and are, in fact, a development tool, in fact, are not the ultimate goal of the development of the labor potential of itself, but rather the formation of economic well-being (welfare), the growth of which is achieved by reaching a certain level of individual skills to work. The result is a closed model: goals - Investments - potential - use - growing prosperity - purpose.
Implementation of this scheme on the one hand defines a property development as the focus, and, therefore, the dynamics of the labor potential. On the other hand, in the chain are present results - relatively static members. This fact is even more confirms that the development of labor potential is dialectical character.
In our opinion, from the identification and resolution of existing conflicts arising over the formation and use of human abilities to work, there is a change of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the labor potential, which allows its holder to easily adapt to the changing conditions of the socio-economic environment. However, the development of labor potential will only occur if the prevailing balance will dominate the contradictions that stimulate this development. With regard to the current situation in Ukraine is quite often we have to deal with the contradictions that impede the development of labor skills, both at the individual and at the level of the enterprise, regional and national economy.
To generate directions of development of labor potential, in our opinion, should be determined by the level of the region. This provision is justified by several factors.
Thus, the individual in their actions based on the subjective considerations, among which there may be no need for self-development, even if an individual feels the need to improve their potential ability to implement employment, it is limited to the implementation of the requirements, both from a financial point of view, and from the standpoint of information ownership. Quite often, we have no access to information on the needs of any production or activity specialists in a particular level of expertise, or this information comes to us in a distorted form. An example of the action of this factor can serve as excessive production of high schools of economists in various fields, which are not in demand in the labor market.
The company, by virtue of his chosen priorities of economic activity, are not always interested, especially in financial terms, in the development of labor potential employees. In addition, as part of an enterprise development process of the labor potential is limited, and available only during working closely with the various socio-economic institutions and other entities as belonging to the same sector of production and located abroad. It is through this interaction is determined by the vector of development and movement of labor potential.
In our view, the space for such interaction is the region since the study of the labor potential in the national economy, based on the aggregate macroeconomic performance and eliminates the territorial specificity of the formation and development of human resources.
If the value of the labor potential is lower than the requirements of the regional economic system, then it becomes a limiter of the last, if the above - by freeing up personnel increases the tension on the regional labor market, which is manifested in the growth rates of unemployment. Such situations demonstrate the relevance of the ongoing evaluation of the current state of the labor potential in the territory and the prognosis for the future.

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