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04.02.2012, 16:12
"My science” is an international polythematic journal. We will be happy to publicate your scientific work on our web site. You will get not only a publication in the international Russian journal, but also involve many scientists into discussion of you topic, you will get quotations on your articles and tell more to the world about your self, and your scientific achievements. We will also be happy to publicate informative articles about different spheres of life. Our requirement is that your article is unique in the internet. Later we planning to put all materials on CD with international ISSN number and send copies to the authors. Best articles we are plan to publicate in our paper version. In order to publish your work, simply attach it here

as word or pdf document.

Or send it to any of those e-mails with permission to publicate your work:

We will design it according to our requirements and send you asap your link and your GOST references (according to Russian law, scientific references in your country could be different).

Will be happy to cooperate with you,
Chief editor Kovalenko Yuri.
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