New biocide hybrid materials based on mesoporous silica and silver nanoparticles
23.08.2018, 10:51
Nowadays nanoparticles attract much attention of researchers because of their unique physical and chemical properties. Both silver in ionic form and silver nanoparticles are known to have a broad spectrum of antimicrobic action drastically increasing when particles with the size of 1 up to 100 nm are formed. Therefore, one of the most important synthesis problems is to obtain stabilized nanoparticles of a predetermined size for further successful application in medicine. Stabilization can be achieved by immobilization of silver in the polymer matrix. The most promising technology is the sol-gel synthesis because of the simplicity and accessibility of the material. In this method material is formed by condensation from the reaction mixture in the process of catalysis.

To obtain such hybrid materials several techniques of nanosized silver particles immobilization directly into the matrix of silicon oxide were elaborated, silica being chosen due to its high physical, chemical and thermal stability. Preparation of silver was based on the reduction of Ag(NH3)2+ to the Ag in alkaline medium. The solution of glucose (“green” reducer) was used as a reducing agent.

Dimensional, morphological and spectral characteristics of the synthesized materials were determined. The formation of nanosized silver particles of spherical shape could be justified by the positions of the peaks in optical absorption spectra of hybrid material (^=400-460 nm).

The samples obtained were examined by atomic force microscopy and powder X-ray method. The regularities of the preparation conditions influencing the material dimensions and morphology of the particles were stated.

Bactericidal action of the synthesized materials was discovered in vitro (using E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus). It was proved that biocide action of the synthesized materials was much greater than that of silver.

Usoltsev S. D.
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