Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy methods and brucker ac-200
17.08.2018, 12:06
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, most commonly known as NMR spectroscopy, is a research technique that exploits the magnetic properties of certain atomic nuclei to determine physical and chemical properties of atoms or the molecules in which they are contained. It relies on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance and can provide detailed information about the structure, dynamics, reaction state and chemical environment of molecules.

When placed in a magnetic field, NMR active nuclei (such as H1 or C13) absorb electromagnetic radiation at a frequency characteristic of the isotope. The resonant frequency, energy of the absorption and the intensity of the signal are proportional to the strength of the magnetic field. Thus, in a 21

Tesla magnetic field, protons resonate at 900 MHz. It is common to refer to a 21 T magnet as a 900 MHz magnet, although different nuclei resonate at a different frequency under this field strength in proportion to their nuclear magnetic moments.

Refurbished Bruker AC Series 200-400 MHz NMR systems originated from Oxford family style magnets, console and accessories. Console includes Aspect 3000 computer, array processor, process controller, colour graphics with flat screen monitor, HP plotter, the latest version of software including automation for programs and all other 1D and 2D experiments. Console also includes a fully broadband transmitter, preamplifiers, hard drive, variable temperature unit, decoupler and a choice of probes, a broadband probe for nuclei from N15 to P31 and a dual H1/C13 being among them. These systems meet or even exceed all Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications for resolution and line shape on H1 and C13 standard samples.

These systems are considered to be the backbone of the NMR community and are still widely used in both academia and industry. This series is ideally suited for routine work as well as research with a strong emphasis on ease-of-use.

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